Poetry Breakdown: Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

There are many interpretations to this poem. I believe it is an invitation to find faith when dealing with problems. English poetry is not only functional as poetry; it is a philosophical discussion about current life and opinions about society during the lifespan of the Poet.

There were many changes to society during the eighteenth century. Religions were no longer as popular. There were many thoughts about dogma and religious practices. Several people became agnostic. Intellectual challenges to explain why life works without the presence of Supernatural Deities was an epic conquest that unraveled everyone's sense of well-being.

With a majority in favor of living conservatively and according to religion, a minority made decisions without as much concern about "Hell." Coleridge is one of the Individuals who experimented with the cause and effect of life that is less dogmatic. Oddly, he has a negative attitude towards Agnostics. He might be sarcastic towards the Conservative Majority.

Beneath the lightening and the moon
The dead men gave a groan.

Lightening signifies God. Seeing the moon, there is no overcast. After the Mariner realizes his mistake of placing faith in a bird, he is also apologetic for harming any creature. When completing the challenges of understanding how to be a better person, Ghosts appear to him and save his soul. Though agnostic in life, after death, they have seen God. The Ancient Mariner becomes worthy of saving.

There are many false ideals throughout the poem. The Mariner struggles with the ideas of God and Faith. At first, he resolves the albatross is not responsible for winds or being thrown off course to a winter climate. The Crew withers and dies after crying out to God and attempts to renew faith.

The Crew reappear to save him after realizing it was foolish to harm any off God's Creatures, even animals, without reason. The Albatross is not food or threatening to them. He shot it without reason. When realizing this the Ancient Mariner was saved after a sincere apology and hope his blood would be washed from him.

There are multiple plot-lines. There is the issue of idolatry and an issue of humanity. The Mariner might represent Job. He is mostly a representative of someone who acted carelessly around people until undergoing substantial suffering. After suffering, though facing death, he realizes harming the innocent, friendly or inconsequential is horrible. This sentiment adorns the life of Christ.

Christ is represented by the Albatross. Foolish concerns of a rebellion in Israel made a Poor Rabbi infamous. They did not see the foretelling of radial events and misfortune. This is similar to inquisitions and burning Witches. They began a series of torments when making enemies with anyone who is not a Friend.

The Ancient Mariner is not God or Christ. He is an Old Man who wants to tell his terrifying realization. He is called a Prophet by the Wedding Party. It is a mocking statement. There are misconceptions about life and Christian ideals of living well. It is a ongoing challenge to find answers to logical problems through spirituality.

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